5 ways to avoid heat damage

Applying direct heat to your hair isn’t always a bad thing as long as it is in moderation. We all want to keep up with our length checks, manage our new growth or may fancy a different hairstyle from time to time. If your on a no heat challenge then that’s amazing! Keep up the good work. If you are a heat user then keep reading on ways to prevent heat damage.


  1. Anyone can get heat damage, but unhealthy hair is more prone to heat damage. One of the number one reasons people get heat damage is because the overall health of their hair is damaged.
  2. The settings on your hair dryer or straighteners/flat-iron could be set too high. Some people with a thicker hair texture tend to think you have to use a higher heat setting – definitely not the case.
  3. You are not protecting your hair from heat properly. Do not use just oil alone (for example Olive or Coconut Oil etc) as a heat protectant. You don’t want to “cook” your hair. It is best to use a product that is a heat protectant or has heat protectant qualities.


  1. Not using direct heat is the best method. In-direct heat for deep conditioning is OK, but air drying is even better.
  2. Creating a healthy moisturising hair regime. This includes shampoo, deep conditioning and protein treatments. The stronger and more healthier your hair is, the more resilient it will be towards heat damage.
  3. Find a good heat protectant.
  4. Always set the temperature on your hair dryer or straighteners/flat-iron to a lower setting.
  5. Letting your hair air dry for a long as possible will cut down the blow drying process.

All of these helpful tips are easy to adapt into your everyday hair routine. I’d love to know if you’ve ever had heat damage and how have you managed to over come it.
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