Flora & Curl X Curlee Box


I’m super excited to bring you this review for two reasons.
1: Curlee Box is a brand new subscription box and
2: This months February box contains Flora & Curl goodies.

Flora & Curl are a natural botanical haircare company who produce 100% plant based pure and potent products for textured hair and all curl types. It is nice to see a natural haircare brand without all the nasty Sulphates, Silicones, Synthetic Fragrancing, Synthetic Colourants, Parabens, Mineral Oil and Pthalates.

Even though I am blessed to be working with Flora & Curl, I want to give you all an honest and fair review.



Citrus Bloom
Superfruit Shampoo

This botanical nutrient rich shampoo is very cleansing yet non stripping. I was able to cleanse my scalp effectively while removing any product I had but still keeping the softness of my transitioning curls. For a no sulphate shampoo, it lathers really well, left my hair feeling squeaky clean, is very soothing and has a mild citrus smell. The consistency almost reminds me of jelly.

Rose & Honey Milk
Leave – In Detangler

One of my new staples!!! I have never had a leave – in conditioner that has made detangling my transitioning hair a breeze! I definitely noticed less breakage and a lot of softness while detangling. Infused with ingredients such as Organic Rose Water, Coconut and Sweet Honey, it has a creamy light weight consistency and leaves my hair smelling of honey. Sunflower, Oat, Marigold, and Vitamin B also help smooth the cuticles, adds shine and gives definition. I have recently been mixing a little bit of the leave – in detangler with rose water to use as a mid week refresher to moisturise my hair.

Jasmine Oasis
Floral Hydration
Hair Mist

Other that washing my hair with water, I have never really been into moisturising and sealing my hair with water as the liquid. This is when I came across the Floral Hydration Hair Mist. I have been using this for a few months now and was so happy to see it in this months Curlee Box as I had just ran out. This hydrating mist is infused with Rose, Aloe, Honey and Jasmine, and is perfect at moisturising and softening my dry hair. I like to use this mist as part of the LCO method and before I pre poo my hair, leaving my strands smelling like a botanical rose garden. I also like to use this as a refresher, especially when protective styling.

African Citrus Bloom
Hair Oil

The Superfruit Hair Oil is another staple of mine and has made it to my top 5 oils list. It is velvety smooth and glides onto my strands making my hair shiny and super moisturised for days. Filled with 12 potent plant oils such as Grape Seed, Castor Seed and Avocado oil to name a few will help nourish split ends, tames frizziness, provides heat protection and helps repair damaged hair. It is great for deep conditioning, as a hot oil treatment or sealing in moisture. All I can say is you have to try this oil for yourself. This oil is definitely a WOW! You won’t be disappointed.

Flower Garden
Styling Butter Cream

Not included in February’s box, I wanted to complete my Flora & Curl wash day so also used the Butter Cream to seal in all the moisture. This velvety texture instantly melted into my hair. Infused with Shea Butter along with several stimulating floral and herbal extracts, this butter is nourishing, gives great shine, it helps relieve dry itchy scalp, and is highly moisturising. The smell almost reminds me of Turkish delight and has my hair smelling of sweet floraly goodness for days!

Let your hair blossom with pure plant powered hair food for all hair textures and curl types. Definitely an amazing natural brand worth spending your coins on. I hope you all love these products like I do.

Have you tried Flora & Curl hair care yet?



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