On the go holiday essentials for hair & beauty

Passport – CHECK
Phone – CHECK
Hair & beauty products – UMMMM? I have no idea.

Packing for a vacation can be stressful, but making sure you have the essentials to maintain your current hair and beauty regime anywhere in the world is a must.

I wish I could take my whole bathroom full of products with me as I get scared I’ll leave an important product behind, but here are my a few products I swear by to keeping all my hair & beauty essentials minimal and stress free.

The first two things I never leave without is my lip balm and hand cream. Whether it’s Carmex, Vaseline, Palmers or Nivea, keeping my lips and hands hydrated and moisturised are key.

I love using Liz Earls Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer as a little pick my up. Whether I’m on the go, had a long day or just tired, I like to spritz this on my face and over my eyes to recharge and revitalise my skin. I love the fresh scent and soothing properties of Cucumber, Calendula, Rose-scented Geranium, Vitamin E and Aloe vera making my skin feel ready to start again.

Especially when wearing t-shirts, skirts or dresses, Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E is always on hand to soften and smooth my skin, giving me complete moisture all day and moisturising morning and night with this cream, my skin is never dry.

Who wants to be doing their hair while on holiday while there’s so much sight-seeing and shopping to do, not me! That’s why I’ve decided to go into protective styling and put my hair into box braids. Braids are so much easier to maintain and I don’t have to spend ages getting ready. To keep these box braids looking fresh and healthy I have been using the Mane n Tail Conditioning Braid Sheen spray. With its herbal properties, I love the way my scalp and hair feel conditioned and moisturised. I like to finish my braids off with Flora & Curls Hydrate Me Floral Hair Mist. With all it’s botanical goodness, the mist gives my hair so much shine, is soft to the touch and makes my hair smell AMAZING! Not to mention drinking plenty of water and taking my Natures Bounty Hair, Skin and Nail gummies are always essential in keeping my skin glowing and hair healthy from the inside and out.

As if I couldn’t smell sweet enough, I always like to have some kind of perfume or body spray in my hand bag, and a favourite of mine is the Victoria’s Secret Pink Sun Kissed body spray. With hints of Vanilla and Coconut and the scent of Cocoa Butter, it’s the perfect combo to completing my head to toe hair and beauty essential regime.

I’d love to know what you favourite hair and beauty essentials are while on holiday.

Until next time


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