Guess who's going natural!!!!

Bye bye relaxed hair, hello popping curls!

I use to say “I’ll never go natural!” but after going to the Curly Treats Festival earlier this month, it was so nice to see many girls wearing their natural kinks, coils and curls. I had previously thought about going natural but wasn’t sure as I had heard a lot of stories about how hard natural hair is to manage and how it takes forever to wash and style. As I normally stretch my relaxers to every 6 months, and seeing my naturals curls on wash day pop, I thought to myself Kaisha, you should do it. Seeing everyone at Curly Treats really made me question why do I even continue to relax my hair and actually like the way my natural curls look.


So as of today I am over 6 1/2 months post relaxer and I can honestly say “The struggle is real!” Having two types of hair textures where the line of demarcation meets is definitely hard to manage and wash day can take twice as long. I now part and wash and condition my hair in 4 sections, whereas before I could just tip my head over the bath and wash all at once. I have always used sulphate free shampoos and a clarifying shampoo once a month and will continue this regime, but I have now introduced co washing into my routine and will still deep condition with indirect heat on every wash day.

As you all already know I am a HUGE product junkie and I am definitely enjoying trying out lots of new products for transitioning hair types. Many of them are products I had picked up from the Curly Treats Festival and many are some of my current staples that work great for my two textures of hair.  My hair has definitely become thicker throughout this transitioning process.


You’d also think my natural curls would be super dry and hard to manage and my relaxed ends would take little maintenance as possible as the hair is chemically straight. But I have found that this is the complete opposite. My natural hair is super soft, easy to detangle and really moisturised, whereas my relaxed ends can sometime get knotted and feel like straw. This is one of the reasons I deep condition to keep both textures manageable. Next time I’ll get a texture shot when my hair is wet. You can really see the curls then.

I really want to try to transition to a year or even a year and a half and then do the “big chop”. Although I have considered chopping now as wash days are becoming harder, but really want to try and grow my natural curls a little longer and retain more length.



I already live in cornrows, twist outs and braid outs, and buns too (gotta love that bun life), but want to try box braids and Senegalese twists. I cannot completely cut out the use of heat as right now air drying tangles my hair even more and cannot comb, but instead of washing my hair once a week and using a hair dryer, I now wash twice a week as a way of cutting the heat down.


With my transitioning hair I find the entire Creme of Nature Straight from Eden works wonders for my hair. Especially the shampoo, it is sooo moisturising and both my natural and relaxed hair are happy. Another product which is a staple is the ORS Replenishing Conditioner. This moisture and protein balanced conditioner is great at keeping my hair super soft and manageable. I am currently trying out the entire natural range from Cantu which has so far been a winner. And brands like As I Am, Mixed Chicks and Gro Healthy are brands I have yet to try. As part of my LOC method (Liquid, Oil and Cream), I am currently using Flora & Curl Jasmine Oasis Hydrating Hair Mist, African Citrus Superfruit Hair Oil and Flower Garden Styling Hair Butter. These products together are a triple threat. They keep both textures of my hair moisturised, shiny and soft. I really want to try Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter line and Maui Moisture Curl Quench and Heal and Hydrate line. I’ve heard Maui Moisture resembles Shea Moisture. Think I’ll do a blog comparing the two. What do you think?

It will be long process but bare with me. I want to take you all on this transitioning journey with me. So if there’s any products or hair styles you would like me to try then please leave a comment below.

Happy hair day!


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