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You guys seem to love my beauty posts so I’m back with another beauty haul and I love it. Just like hair products I’m obsessed with all things beauty and skincare, and I can’t wait to share with you some of my favourite beauty gems.


Our face is our money maker and that means taking care of it with products to enhance our beautiful faces even more. From Soap & Glory is the Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk. This 4-in-1 wash melts away make up, purifies & clarifies, energies and smoothes. I love using this at night. It’s milky, very calming and leaves my skin feeling smooth. Smells of peaches too! The Face Soap and Clarity Vitamin C Facial Wash is a 3-n-1 daily detox that smoothes, cleans and purifies. It is great for the morning especially if I’ve had a late night and am really tired. My face feels fresh and awake. The Greatest Scrub of All is so gentle. Some facial scrubs are really harsh, but this is a gentle foaming face polish that doesn’t irritate the skin.

The Fab Pore Lab Moisture Lotion has become a new fav of mine. It’s super light and is for oily/combo skin. And as you all know, a personal favourite of mine is the Liz Earle Skin Repair Light Moisturiser. I go back and forth between the two moisturisers as I can’t choose one.

Carmex Peach & Mango Burst smells so good you could just eat it – I wouldn’t advise it though haha. This doesn’t give you the tingling sensation like the original but it’s still super moisturising. Every girls handbag staple – enough said I think!


I am OBSESSED with shower creams and lotions, so narrowing this list down was so hard, but I managed to get it down to my top 5. Basic hygiene 101 – shower creams. I have been loving the Imperial Leather Bath Creams Cherry Bakewell, Foamy Banana and Marshmallow. It’s like being back at school and going to the local sweet shop. Each is super rich, creamy and smells delicious!

No matter how many times I change deodorants, I always find myself going back to Dove. Their Soft Feel deodorant has to be one of my favs! Keeping me fresh, dry and giving me smooth underarms, this gives of a baby powder scent that lingers for ages.

Being a huge Victoria’s Secret fan, I am loving the Hydrating Shea Body Lotion with cotton moisture complex. Shea Butter is amazing at locking in moisture and smells gorgeous! I’m not normally one for body oils but decided to try it as it was free (and who doesn’t love a free gift!). The Weightless Body Oil is meant to be paired with the body lotion. At first I thought the combination would be too thick, but let me tell you, they are AMAZNG together. It is definitely weightless and you can’t even tell it’s on the skin. Both just melts into the skin like butter, although the lotion can be used on its own.

Now this little gem I brought from New York. The Exfoliate Gentle Exfoliating Gel from the European Wax Centre is a gel that works on waxed or shaved areas to exfoliate the skin and cause no or less ingrowing hairs. Applying a thin layer of the gel to your skin, gently rub in a circular motion and the product will begin to exfoliate. A little does goes a long way. I will definitely be picking up some more when I go back.

I hope this has given you at taste of the amazing products I have been loving and will inspire you to pick up a few.

I’m thinking of doing YouTube videos with every post, what do you think?



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